Sales Mindset: Why I Do What I Do

Like most, whenever I heard the word “Sales”, I thought of slimy people using high pressure tactics to get other people’s money.

So, naturally, when I got into real estate, I was worried I would be perceived this way and I didn’t like it.

To compensate, I decided that I wouldn’t pressure my prospects and would take a passive approach to selling. It didn’t take long to realize this meant I would be spending my time giving free consulting sessions while making very little progress and money selling real estate.

I was faced with a decision, to become one of the sleazy salesmen I didn’t like or accept a less than average real estate career. Choosing the lesser of two evils I decided I would commit myself to learning everything I could about sales.

Already an avid reader, I quickly ordered a bunch of books and devoured everything I could get my hands on. Even then, I couldn’t get enough, I wasn’t satisfied and began to seek out sales coaches. This is when I enrolled at Cardone University and brought on real estate expert and sales mentor, Claude Diamond.

At a value just under $20,000, I was fully invested in my future as a salesmen. I had learned A LOT but the two most important lessons came early in 2015 were figuring out what business I was in and landing the biggest sale of my career. 

1) That I’m in the people business, not the real estate business.

2) That the biggest sale I would ever make was getting 100% completely sold on my product and service.

1) I'm in the people business, not the real estate business. 

I'm in the people business, not the real estate business 

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When I figured out what business I was in (people business), everything began to align. My services, getting real estate bought and sold, was secondary to meeting my client’s needs. I knew I still had to differentiate myself to get the business but, once I did, everything was pretty much the same.

Once I realized this, it clicked. Besides adapting systems over time, the process of selling houses doesn’t change, only the needs of the clients do. I knew I needed to master servicing my clients before, during, and after the sale if I wanted to become a successful salesmen.

Instead of trying to sell people using outdated and sleazy tactics, I developed a processes for measuring the “temperature” of each client and adjusted the level of communication accordingly. This allows me to apply the same system to sell the home while treating each client professionally and at their desired level of service.

We’ve all heard the golden rule, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Well, I know a better one, “Treat others as they would like to be treated.”

To do this, I had to become an expert at understanding people, not just real estate. Again, I turned to books, reading all that I could about human behavior and the “triggers” that make us act the way we do.

Once I did, I was still faced with a problem, I had to sell people before I would even have the opportunity to service them. 

2) The biggest sale I would ever make was getting 100% sold on my product and service. 

Becoming 100% sold on my product & service was the #1 factor allowing me to sell to others.

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I wasn’t being sleazy or manipulating people in order to get them to do business with me. I was ensuring they didn’t make a mistake by hiring someone else and, given the State of the Industry, I knew the chances this would happen were high.

I strongly believe that my prospects are better off hiring me as their Realtor®, so much so, that I would be doing them a disservice if I let them list with someone else. I now have no problem staying in the deal and persisting through the presentation to the close. But not because I'm delivering my sales pitch , but because I'm demonstrating the value I bring. 

Once I became an expert in the people business and got 100% sold on my own product others around me began to notice. After they shared their feedback with me I realized I had shifted my thinking off of the money and put my focus on discovering and meeting the needs of others.

I now know that any money I make in real estate is a byproduct of the level of service and care I provide to my clients. Not only am I providing professional real estate services, I also cater to their specific needs.

I strongly believe that real estate agents and other sales professionals are like a doctors and lawyers. To provide a solution to their clients problems they have to ask the right questions then use the answers to discover underlying needs and motives.

To have a win-win real estate transaction be sure your Realtor® carries himself like a true sales professional and can effectively discover the needs of all parties involved. When left undiscovered, these needs are often the ones that cause problems and can sour the transaction.

This mindset, combined with my Strategic Digital Marketing Plan, is what allows me to be a successful real estate agent and leave you saying.

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